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As warmer weather and fresher produce start sprouting up, so do salad cravings. Tempting greens and veggies at the farmers market may once again make salad finally seem exciting, but still, how do you get out of your salad rut? Skip your nightly chopping and tossing routine and seek inspiration from these seafood-topped, cheese crumbled, cooked, pickled, and completely raw salads that make a bowl full of vegetables look like the most exciting meal on earth. 

Spring into official salad season with these non-boring salad recipes! 

Arugula salad with grapes and black pepper vinaigrette 

Arugula salad with grapes and black pepper vinaigrette Source: Pinch of Yum
Arugula salad with grapes and black pepper vinaigrette  Pinch of Yum

Sweet, spicy and packed with fruits and veggies (plus whole grains and nuts) to keep you healthy, this salad is totally sit-down restaurant worthy. Get the recipe here

Shrimp and avocado salad with creamy miso dressing

Shrimp and avocado saladSource: Pinch of Yum
Shrimp and avocado salad  Pinch of Yum

So green, so good for you. Sometimes a quick homemade dressing is the key to an amazing bowl of greens. Get the recipe here

DIY spring salad board

DIY spring salad boardSource: Foxes Love Lemons
DIY spring salad board  Foxes Love Lemons

Not all salads come in bowls. This salad board is easy to make and impresses a crowd. Get the recipe here

Roasted radicchio wedge salad 

Roasted radicchio wedge salad Source: Foxes Love Lemons
Roasted radicchio wedge salad  Foxes Love Lemons

The classic steakhouse wedge gets a gourmet makeover that you can make at home! Put it together in practically less time than it takes to microwave a Lean Cuisine. Get the recipe here

Basil goat cheese pasta salad

Basil goat cheese pasta saladSource: Half Baked Harvest
Basil goat cheese pasta salad  Half Baked Harvest

Pasta salad is totally still salad, right? Especially when your rotini is tossed with plenty of fresh veggies and herbs! Get the recipe here

Spring pea and carrot salad with carrot top pesto

Spring pea and carrot saladSource: Half Baked Harvest
Spring pea and carrot salad  Half Baked Harvest

That bunch of carrots from your local farm stand goes far when you use the green tops in your dressing. Get the recipe here

Steak fajita salad

Steak fajita saladSource: Damn Delicious
Steak fajita salad  Damn Delicious

Skip the Chipotle bowl and make your own Mexican-inspired fajita salad at home. Get the recipe here.

Chicken Caesar salad

Chicken Caesar saladSource: FoodieCrush
Chicken Caesar salad  FoodieCrush

Okay, so it's the most basic of salads, but you can't replace a classic. And if you make your own dressing and add your own roasted chicken, you'll breathe new life into the never-dying Caesar salad. Get the recipe here.  

Wilted escarole with feta, walnuts and honey

Wilted escarole with feta, walnuts and honeySource: food52
Wilted escarole with feta, walnuts and honey  food52

Sometimes all it takes is a different type of lettuce or lettuce prepared in a new way, to make your salad the opposite of boring. Get the recipe here

Ahi tuna poke and mango salad

Ahi tuna poke and mango saladSource: FoodieCrush
Ahi tuna poke and mango salad  FoodieCrush

Yes, you too can make this year's biggest food trend, raw fish cubes, at home! This poke salad is savory and sweet, a perfect pick-me-up after a long, poke-less day. Get the recipe here

Shaved asparagus and mint salad

Shaved asparagus saladSource: food52
Shaved asparagus salad  food52

The more sophisticated, chic cousin to the spiralizer, the peeler, is the only tool you really need to make this fancy-looking salad that calls for only a few ingredients. Get the recipe here

Vegan Nicoise salad

Vegan Nicoise saladSource: Minimalist Baker
Vegan Nicoise salad  Minimalist Baker

No tuna or eggs needed to make this vegan version of the classic French salad, which totally passes as a meal! Get the recipe here

Spring sorghum salad with radish and roasted asparagus

Spring sorghum saladSource: Naturally Ella
Spring sorghum salad  Naturally Ella

Part grain bowl, part salad, completely delicious and nutritious. Meal prep a bunch of these salads on Sunday night for a week of lunches ahead. Get the recipe here

Shrimp and artichoke green salad with lemon vinaigrette

Shrimp and artichoke saladSource: Gimme Some Oven
Shrimp and artichoke salad  Gimme Some Oven

Fresh and totally friendly for springtime, this zingy salad will make you wonder why you haven't been eating salads on the regular forever. Get the recipe here

Tex-Mex chopped salad

Tex-Mex chopped saladSource: The Faux Martha
Tex-Mex chopped salad  The Faux Martha

There's just something about the flavors of Tex-Mex that make even a salad exciting! Get the recipe here.  

Asian chicken chopped salad

Asian chicken chopped saladSource: Gimme Some Oven
Asian chicken chopped salad  Gimme Some Oven

Sesame seeds and slivered almonds add a tasty, low calorie crunch to this protein-filled chopped salad. Get the recipe here