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The Presidential debate winner is not clear. Election polls can be checked online at Real Clear Politics. Rasmussen polling will show one result. CNN snap polls will show another.  Beyond election polling, it is important to look at the real foreign policy issues that President Obama led America through.  

America is the clear winner on the global stage because of President Obama’s actions.  Bob Shieffer brought up Kennedy’s handling of the Cold War. President Obama’s impact on foreign policy with Russia is an accomplishment on this scale.

President Obama spent an intense year negotiating with Russia to pass the START treaty.  This treaty was one of the most important diplomatic accomplishment in decades. While the President was busy averting an economic depression he convinced Russia to slash it’s nuclear arsenal in half. While it is easy to be short-sighted and remember only what happened today, or get lost in debate spin, President Obama’s negotiation and signing of the START treaty must be reviewed to understand his incredible accomplishments.

Begin by watching a short video of the President explaining what is in the START treaty at the signing.  

At the core, the New Start Treaty reduces the number of deployed stategic nuclear missile launchers in half. As 90% of the nuclear arms are held between Russia and the United States this is a reduction of epic proportions of the global arsenal. Read more.

Watch President Obama at the White House with Admiral Mullen, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Secretary Gates announcing the START treaty agreement to understand why it is so important.

Watch a more complete video of President Obama and former Russian Prime Minister Medvedev as they sign the agreement to cut the nuclear arsenal of both nations in half.

Mitt Romney did state that he believed Russia was our largest geopolitical foe.  During the debate Mitt Romney stated that he never said that.  You can find Mitt Romney saying it on youtube (along with Romney's support for the individual mandate and the President's approach to the stimulus).  

If Romney believes Russia is the biggest geopolitical foe, then when President Obama signed the treaty to cut Russia’s nuclear arsenal in half this is the largest accomplishment Barack Obama could have made. We are safer. We are more secure. We will have diminishing threats in the future because President Obama completed intense negotiations with Russia that secure a safer future.