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Before the debate even ended, the Twitterati were all over the Obama Wins thing. Honestly, all I recall was that Romney switched the conversation over to the economy as soon as he could, they toed party lines (er, Netanyahu's party lines) on the Israel/Iran questions, and then turned it back to the economy, and Detroit out of nowhere, on the China question. Oh, and Romney's facial expressions.

I swear, every time I saw his face I just thought he was standing there, judging me with his mean face. He interrupted and bullied, just as he did in the first debate. Obama was nice, and genuine, and had legitimate and possibly inspiring things to say. All Romney did was remind us that HEY GUYS I'M STILL TALKING.

Then there was the whole can't-pronounce-entrepreneur thing: I'm I the only one who noticed that?

But, in reality: I didn't agree with either one on any real issue discussed (esp. vis a vis Israel and Iran), but Obama came off as much more thoughtful, logical, and realistic. Once Romney opened up after basically agreeing with Obama on Syria, he became a huge hawk: pwn Iran, pwn Iran, pwn Iran, pwn Pakistan, pwn China. The man's got a little bit of a Cheney complex going on.

ANYWAY, the media always says that the U.S. elects presidents based on likeability (ABC just said "Obama humanized what he was talking about"). Who would you rather have a beer with? Well, I'd WAY rather have a beer with Obama.

Here's my live-blog, if you want to re-live the glory.