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The Frankenstorm has finally arrived. What has been called the “Perfect Storm” has finally made landfall. Although Hurricane Sandy is now a post-tropical storm, it is still wreaking havoc on the east coast with its 85 mph winds. It has render millions without power, and residents from as far south as Virginia, all the way up Massachusetts are hunkering down and waiting out the massive storm.

As residents wait out the storms, Twitter nation let the world know what they think of Sandy:


2) In case any one was wondering how to paddle out of their flooded homes. Personally, I prefer using a wooden door ... but there would only be room for me. Sorry, Jack. 

3) I knew it! 

4) As long as they are pumpkin spice soy lattes, it will be fine. 

5) Hurricanes also gives us  a chance to eat everything with zero guilt. 

6) Mittens just cannot catch a break. 

7) Everyone should start planning their final tweets wisely. 

8) We can all feast like it's our last hoorah!

9) Or just plan ahead for a second coming ...

10) Thank you, Sandy. 

Stay safe and dry out there everybody!