How do you unblock people on Instagram? It's simple.

How do you unblock people on Instagram? It's simple.

Blocking someone on Instagram is easy. But what if you realize later you that you've acted in haste and want to unblock a user? Now what? Fortunately, unblocking someone just takes a few steps.

First, type in the name of the account you want to unblock. Then go to the main page. Here, you'll see basic info like number of posts, followers, following, a bio and followers you know. However, the feed will say "No Posts Yet."

At this point, click the the icon featuring three horizontal dots on the upper right corner.

This will trigger a menu to pop up from the bottom of the screen. Click the uppermost option labelled "Unblock."

A white pop up will ask you to verify you want to unblock the account. It will give you two choices: "Cancel" and "Unblock." Select "Unblock."

If successful, there will be a separate pop up that confirms you have unblocked the account. Click "Dismiss" to exit out.

At this point, you'll still see a feed that says "No Posts Yet." You can relaunch your app or click the back button on the upper left corner and then re-select the account.

Now, you should be able to see the account. That is, if they haven't blocked you back!