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8 places around the world you can see Banksy's artwork in person
Check out some of the places around the world where you can find Banksy's artwork. Carl Court/Getty Images

Banksy, a British street artist, caused a stir Sunday when he offered free prints of his work to British citizens who voted against a conservative candidate in the U.K.'s General Election on Thursday. Banksy canceled the promotion after election officials advised him that his giveaway was illegal. These sorts of stunts are the norm for Banksy, who has been painting stencils on the walls of cities around the world since the 1990s. Part of what draws spectacle around his work is his ability to create small to large murals while keeping his identity anonymous — although he does interviews and has an active Instagram account where he posts some of his work.

His street art works as political commentaries and have been auctioned off for huge price tags, such as the piece "Slave Labor (Bunting Boy)," which sold for $1.1 million, or a mural he painted in Detroit which sold for more than $137,000. But not all of Banksy's work survives. Some are destroyed, like his rat stencils in Melbourne, Australia, which were demolished by construction workers.

Some, however, have preserved his work. With that said, here are eight places around the world where you can still view Banksy's art.

Dover, England

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In May, Banksy revealed a three-story mural of the European Union flag in Dover, England. The piece features a man chipping away at one of the stars. The visual is believed to be a response to Brexit, when the U.K. voted to leave the E.U.


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Time Out London created a map to spotting Banksy street art in London. One of the pieces that fans can still see in the city is the "falling shopper" located at 26 Bruton Ln, Mayfair, London W1J.

Bristol, England

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The "Well-Hung Lover" can be spotted in Bristol, England. The best way to see it is via a "small bridge on Park Street that crosses Frogmore Street," Visit Bristol suggests.

New York City

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During Banksy's spray-painting spree in New York City in 2013, the artist painted "Hammer Boy" on the side of a building where Zabar's, a gourmet food emporium, is located in Manhattan. Instead of painting over it, the owner, Saul Zabar, preserved the stencil with a piece of plexiglass. Zabar's is located at 2245 Broadway.


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"Guard with Balloon Dog" went on display in the Toronto PATH walkway located at One York Street in February. The stencil was originally painted on a Toronto building in 2010. A developer preserved and put the piece in storage in December 2014, according to CBC News.

Bethlehem, Palestine

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In March, Banksy opened a hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine, called the Walled Off, filled with art pieces from himself, and others including Sami Musa and Dominique Petrin. Even though Israelis are banned from visiting Bethlehem, Banksy and the Walled Off staff hope to bring Israeli citizens to the hotel in hopes to "break down the stereotypes" between the two countries.


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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam is displaying around 50 works in its Banksy exhibition called "Laugh Now" until Aug. 31, 2017. It is the first official museum exhibition for his work, according to

San Francisco

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Banky's 2010 anti-war message "If at first you don't succeed — call an airstrike" is located at 270 Columbus Ave. in San Francisco. The piece is titled "Peaceful Hearts Doctor" and it's one of the surviving pieces since his San Francisco tour in 2010.

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Natelegé Whaley
Culture Reporter