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With only a few days to go before the election a large part of New York City’s boroughs are still without power. Will voting be an issue? Of course it will. Power is “said” to be fully restored by the 10 of November, the elections are on the 6. That is only a few days away. Where is the urgency? 

We have already seen the government’s pitiful response to Hurricane Katrina, how bad will New York have to get until the government steps in? The state of affairs in response to the devastation from Hurricane Sandy looks to be moving in nothing short of slow motion. New York City's Mayor Bloomberg even had the gall to open the New York City schools for teachers to come in on Friday, November 2. Most principals let the teachers go home by the early afternoon. Is the mayor aware of the teachers that commute to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, from elsewhere? Is the issue of the gas shortage raising any eyebrows? Does Mayor Bloomberg care about the working man/woman? His track record would prove a solid no. Beyond the antipathy shown by Mayor Bloomberg, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is estimated at a horrendous 635,000 customers still without power, and Con Ed customers still in the dark at about 570,000. It has now been five days of darkness. My Long Island contacts without power tell me that crews haven’t been seen for days at areas where the outages have taken place. Senior citizens, families, children, and pets, are all suffering at the lack of competent action that has been shown.

On November 1, Mayor Bloomberg publicly endorsed President Obama for re-election. Obama would have been better off if Bloomberg stayed quiet, and hid his face in shame, due to the lack of effectiveness in getting the power back on. Bloomberg represents the upper elite whose track record has shown little or no concern for the working man/woman, and in-turn, the poor alike. I am a New York native currently living in Texas. I wish I was home for the disaster to help my family and friends, but I’m not, and it is that much more frustrating to read, and hear stories about the slow emergency response. Bring in the National Guard, bring in FEMA to supply generators and food trucks for the residents without power, and even bring in food if the problem is too much to handle. What are we waiting for, to once again help American citizens in need? If the Romney think tank was smart, they would be capitalizing on the lack of effort from the Obama administration on fixing the power problem in New York.