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A brand-new patch just hit the Overwatch public test realm. In addition to all of Doomfist’s alternate skins and unlockable cosmetic items, this new PTR patch also includes a number of important balance updates for several heroes — including Reinhardt, who players have been reporting issues with for some time now.

We’ve got the full list of changes below, straight from the Overwatch forums.

Overwatch PTR patch notes for July 12


Rocket Punch
• Total distance traveled reduced by about 20% (This change has been on the PTR for a little while now)

Seismic Slam
• Added a new UI indicator to show how much damage it will deal, and how much it dealt. Previously this was only indicated by the default crosshair filling in, but this is only visible when using the default crosshair. The new indicator should always be visible, regardless of any crosshair changes. Also, targeting this ability while in the air is now restricted to locations lower than your current height.


• Now slows targets significantly when they are stunned. This makes them less likely to slide away around a corner or something similar once they are stunned.


Shadow Step
• VO and SFX distance dramatically reduced.


• Swing speed increased by [approximately] 10%. On top of the swing speed increase, we’ve gone through and tweaked many timings and other things about the Hammer to make it more responsive. Overall it should feel a lot better to swing and make contact with enemies.

• Impacting another charging hero (Doomfist or Reinhardt) no longer deals damage to both characters, but still causes a knockdown on both.


Graviton Surge
• Now disables all movement abilities of affect targets. This is similar to how Junkrat’s trap affects abilities.

It’s possible Blizzard will continue tweaking these balance changes before implementing them on the live servers. We’ll keep you updated of any further changes.

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