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Splatoon 2’s release date is quickly approaching and Nintendo’s second demo weekend is complete. Unlike the global testfire we got back in March, the latest opportunity to play Splatoon free on Switch came in the form of a Splatfest in which two teams (Team Cake and Team Ice Cream) battled it out for dessert dominance.

While Team Ice Cream was the official winner of Splatoon 2’s Splatfest, the even bigger winner were fans of the game who got to play online, try out new weapon abilities and, most importantly, view all the great artwork Switch players came up with.

What artwork? Don’t worry, we took plenty of screenshots.

Splatoon 2 Splatfest: Miiverse-style art reminds us of the good ol’ days

The main event was a series Turf War-style showdowns, but the art created between matches was top notch. Much of it represented the world of Splatoon or referenced other popular video games. Like this one:

Inkling Girl
Inkling Girl Xavier Harding/Mic

Okay, Inkling Girl. Basic enough.

Shiny bringing the detail
Shiny bringing the detail Xavier Harding/Mic

Okay, that’s slightly more complicated, but nothing crazy.

Egg’s Marina
Egg’s Marina Xavier Harding/Mic

Team Ice Cream’s own Marina. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Okay, how is this even possible? Just look at those dots.

This weekend’s Splatfest wasn’t kitten around
This weekend’s Splatfest wasn’t kitten around Xavier Harding/Mic

This one is just suave.

The internet had even more Splatoon 2 Splatfest art to share. Here are some other masterpieces that came out of Inkopolis over the weekend.

Reggie, set, go
Reggie, set, go Zeverand/Reddit

Sometimes, your body is Reggie for some ice cream.

@PyroLyrae with the close-up.

Cue ‘Pokemon’ battle music
Cue ‘Pokemon’ battle music GaijinHunter/Twitter

Make sure you don’t lock eyes with another Inkling, or it’s a battle.

Well played #TeamIceCream, but when is Portal coming to Nintendo Switch?

Melted ice cream Sanic
Melted ice cream Sanic 8bitWitch/Reddit

And of course, the infamous ice cream Sanic picture.

We can’t wait to check out even more Splatoon 2 art once the game officially launches on July 21.

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