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What Hawaii lacks in population numbers, it makes up for in Democratic enthusiasm. Hawaii has voted for a Democratic president in every election, with the exception of Presidents Nixon and Reagan, according to 270 To Win statistics. In 2008, native Hawaiian Barack Obama won by an enormous 72% margin. The most recent Real Clear Politics polls have President Obama winning over Mitt Romney by 27%. Also, in case it’s still not clear, he was born there.

Hawaii has 4 electoral votes and 2 congressional districts.

The Hawaii Senate race between former governor, Linda Lingle (R), and current House rep, Mazie Hirono (D), is an historic one. The Wall Street Journal says, “Whoever wins on Nov. 6 will make history in the Aloha State. Hawaii will have its first woman senator, and if Ms. Hirono wins the nation will also get its first Buddhist and Asian-American woman.” Hirono is also notable for being a naturalized citizen, born in Fukushima, Japan. Given the state’s large Asian-American population and Democratic enthusiasm, recent polls have Hirono up by 15%.

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