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Stephen Colbert took out a “for your consideration” billboard for Trump’s dishonest media awards
Comedian Stephen Colbert took out a billboard in Times Square mocking President Donald Trump’s “media awards.” Twitter/Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is going in hard, campaigning for an award that may or may not even be real.

Some context: On Tuesday, just after President Donald Trump taunted North Korea over the size of Kim Jong Un’s “nuclear button,” Trump tweeted that he planned to announce “the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year” on Monday — the latest escalation in Trump’s ongoing attacks on the press.

As Colbert announced on his late-night show this week, he’s hoping to score one of Trump’s made-up awards, and he even took out a “for your consideration” billboard in New York’s Times Square. Michael Pielocik, a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, tweeted out an image of the billboard early Thursday morning.

Speaking on his show Wednesday night, Colbert joked that he was “excited” for what he jokingly nicknamed “The Fakies,” because “nothing gives you more credibility than Donald Trump calling you a liar and I, of course, don’t want to get snubbed.”

The Times Square billboard mentions a list of awards categories, including “The Eric Trump Memorial Award for Disappointment,” “Fakest Dishonesty” and “Smallest Button.”