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Remember that guy, Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer, who spewed racist slurs and charged, buttocks-first, at Sacha Baron Cohen during an episode of Who Is America?

After the episode of Cohen’s new political prank show premiered Sunday night on Showtime, fellow Georgia lawmakers — including Governor Nathan Deal — expressed embarrassment at the way their colleague behaved.

Source: SHOWTIME/YouTube

Initially, Spencer — who introduced a bill in 2016 that would’ve barred Muslims from wearing head coverings — resisted calls for his resignation, saying he lost his recent primary anyway and would just leave office when his term ended in November. After a few days of reflection, however, Spencer has decided to resign, effective July 31, CNN reported Wednesday.

On Who Is America?, Cohen, disguised as fictional Israeli “anti-terrorism expert” Erran Morad, invited Spencer to learn self-defense techniques to guard himself against Islamic extremists. The techniques Cohen suggested include pretending to be a Chinese tourist, yelling “the n-word” and pulling one’s pants down and using one’s own nude buttocks as a shield. Cohen said members of ISIS think coming into contact with a man’s buttocks will turn them into a homosexual.

Spencer, amazingly, obliged to all of Cohen’s suggestions.

In response to the episode, Spencer said he was “exploited” and threatened legal action.