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With the fame of Pentatonix and the release of Pitch Perfect, this has been a major year for A Cappella. NBC's The Sing-Off brought this wonderful and ever changing style of music to televisions worldwide and made a lot of people believers. The genre is ever evolving and the more you delve into its depths, the more you discover and the more you are amazed. If you love what you hear, I encourage you to support these artists, find new music, share it with your friends, go to some concerts and some festivals. The list below is a very very short compilation of some amazing covers. This list could go on forever and I encourage you all to discuss and share your favorites in the comments. The goal of this list is to bring some awesome music to masses and hopefully peak your interest so that you go out and listen to more. These covers are great for many reasons, whether you think they are better than the originals or simply a breathtaking version, take a moment and listen. The power and beauty of the human voice is magnificent and sometimes, that is all you need. The A Cappella community is a great one — come join us.

In no particular order:

1.  Sonos — 'I Want You Back,' Originally Performed By: Jackson 5

2. Fork — 'Leave Me Alone,' Originally Performed By: Hanna Pakarinen

3. Duke's 'Rhythm & Blue' — Alone, Originally Performed By: Heart

4. Nor'easters — 'Spectrum,' Originally Performed By: Florence + The Machine

5. Pentatonix — 'Telephone,' Originally Performed By: Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce

6. Penn Masala — 'Woh Lamhe,' Originally Performed By: Zeher

Woh Lamhe

7.  UGA Noteworthy — 'Wonderwall,' Originally Performed By: Oasis

8. Delilah — 'How To Love,' Originally Performed By: Lil Wayne

9. Tufts Beelzebubs — 'Epiphany,' Originally Performed By: Staind

10. Committted — 'Apologize,' Originally Performed By: One Republic