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As Georgetown Students, we tend to be professionals at panicking. This anxiety usually revolves around our schoolwork and extracurricular activities, but nothing is more stressful than the job search.

The Career Education Center aims to alleviate this stress. With workshops on networking, resume writing, and interviewing, the CEC equips students with tools that they need in order to survive the job search. The CEC also has one-on-one meetings with students, often specific to the field in which they are interested. Students can also attend networking events and career fairs. There are resources available in their office and on their website that can help a student get started, as well.

The job search is intimidating, but students are not alone. With the resources and staff available at the CEC, we can take a deep breath and panic a little less. Just a little.

What services would you like to see offered at the Career Education Center?

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