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Justin Bieber will host NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) this Saturday and, according to TMZ, the teen idol has given producers of the show permission to spoof him all the way — including his recent alleged episode smoking pot.  

According to sources from the popular celebrity gossip website, who claim to be connected with NBC, Bieber's people don't have any problem with the show's creative producers writing Justin Bieber-inspired jokes about any of the recent episodes in the life of the wildly popular teen — including his break up with Disney's starlet Selena Gomez, his many incidents with paparazzi and even his recent marijuana-smoking episode

Otherwise wholesome 18-year-old Bieber made (more) headlines when a photo that shows him holding what it looks like a marijuana cigarette surfaced online. The finding generated the trollish and malicious Twitter hashtag #cutforbieber started by imageboard 4chan, which asks Bieber fans "to harm themselves" in order to make their idol to kick the habit.