Golden Globes Party: Beverly Hills Hilton Releases Recipes for Golden Globes Awards

Golden Globes Party: Beverly Hills Hilton Releases Recipes for Golden Globes Awards

Via Beverly Hills Hilton, they've released the recipes for the 70th Golden Globes Awards! The food will retain its California roots with a "global twist". It's sustainable and local. Love it.




Grilled Artichoke on Frisee served with Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse 

4 Baby Artichoke, cooked in boiling water, cut into half, and then grilled  

8 Red Endive leaves cut into halves. Tips are for presentation. Bottom cut julienne  

4 Dried California Pear - small pieces, cut julienne   

2 oz. Goat Cheese sliced ½ oz per serving  

2 tablespoons California Honey 

1 teaspoon Black Pepper       

2 oz. Yellow Beet – cooked and sliced     

4 oz. Wild Arugula     

2 oz. Frisee     

8 pieces Smoked Dried Tomato    

3 oz. Kabocha Pumpkin - puree 

1 ½ teaspoons Mascarpone        

1 Micro Basil        

4 Pie Shell, pre baked, cut triangular shapes 

2 tablespoons Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse  

2 fl oz. California Extra Virgin Oil    

Salt and pepper  

Fennel Tomato Lemon Mousse:  

2 ½ tablespoons Homemade Mayonnaise    

1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds, lightly heated then ground  

2 teaspoons Tomato Coulis     

1 tablespoon Whipped Cream    

1 whole Lemon zest      

Salt and pepper    



Kabocha pumpkin smoked dried tomato tart: 

3 oz. Kabocha Puree - peeled and seeded then steamed  

1 ½ tablespoons Mascarpone      

1/3 teaspoon Lemon Juice      

8 pieces Smoked Dried Tomato    

4 Triangle Pie shells    

1 (little) Micro Basil     

1 ½ teaspoons California Extra Virgin Olive Oil   

Salt and pepper 




Pepper Honey Goat Cheese - Marinate goat cheeses with pepper honey mixture overnight. 


**Plate all 4 components according to your most desired position. 



Smoked Flat Iron Steak with Sweet Pickled Mini Pepper 

California Olive-Orange Marinated Pacific Sea Bass with Caramelized Mint Fennel 

Serves 4 



Smoked Flat Iron Steak 

12 oz. Smoked Flat Iron Steak (3 oz. per serving) 

2 whole Mini Sweet Peppers (cut in halves)  

1 cup Water 

1/3 cup Sugar 

½ cup Vinegar 

1 tbsp White Peppercorn 

2 tbsp. Salt 

3 tbsp California Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

6 oz. Cherry Wood 

1 oz. Mixed Dried Herbs 

Salt and Pepper to Taste 



Pacific Sea Bass 

12 oz. Pacific Sea Bass (3 oz. per serving) 

1 ½ cups Fresh Orange Juice 

3 tbsp California Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

1/3 cups Sugar 

3 tbsp White Balsamic Vinegar 

½ cup Vegetable Stock 

2 tbsp Fresh Mint 

1 slice Fennel 

Salt & Pepper to Taste