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The most anticipated event of 2013 is already upon us! Bask in the glamor and pageantry live on NBC starting at 8:00 (EST), and follow along right here for updates and commentary.

The full list of twenty-seven presenters was announced via Twitter, and here it is:

Kiefer Sutherland

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Dennis Quaid

Jessica Alba

Christian Bale

Kate Hudson

Kristen Bell

John Krasinski

Eva Longoria

Robert Downey Jr.

Kosh Brolin

Halle Berry

Megan Fox

Jonah Hill

Lucy Liu

John Goodman

Rosario Dawson

Jason Bateman

Jeremy Irons

Lea Michele

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sylvester Stallone

Jamie Foxx

Tony Mendez

Bradley Cooper

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Julia Roberts