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The most exciting thing about this award is that I just got a glimpse of Louis CK behind Costner as he walked by.

Toby Jones looks like he's about to cry, and Benedict Cumberbatch looks like he doesn't give a shit. It's okay, Benedict Cumberbatch. The internet loves you the best. (Plus, your name is obviously superior to Kevin Costner's.)

What's even really happening in this speech? I am confused. Gregory Peck? Or something?

And now, BILL CLINTON. Hollywood, particularly Lena Dunham, is very excited about this, as they should be. Seriously though, he's getting the biggest response of anybody all night. He's introducing the clip for Lincoln, which is appropriate. I could listen to Bill Clinton talk all night, couldn't you? Seriously, though. I like Lincoln even more just from listening to him talking about it!

ETA: Amy Poehler: "Oh my god! That was Hillary Clinton's husband!" I love you, Amy.

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