In brief then, the Rover’s mission is to determine whether or not Mars can support even the basic life forms like microbes. But it doesn’t hurt that he has a cheeky sense of humor too.

Curiosity Rover first began tweeting in November 2008, and I think most people would agree that post-Wall-e #nameyourfavorityrobotpersonality, the personification of a robot is a good idea. But I consider myself a Twitter connoisseur and I was not going to be won over lightly. I expect an incredible level of wit and ingenuity of the tweeter to beat, for instance, “that snake” (@BronxZoosCobra), who it turns out didn’t go anywhere.

In researching the 1,787 tweets from the Mars explorer, I checked in on her and was reminded of how much fun one can have in 140 characters (or less).

For instance: “Donald Trump is thinking about running for president?! Don't worry, I'll handle this. Where is Trump Tower exactly?"

Ho ho ho… the memories.

Anyway, with well over 2 million followers, @MarsCuriosity must be offering the tweetees some enjoyment. I was intrigued. To hold someone’s attention for minutes in this age is something, but for over four years is telling. And so I would become accustomed to Curiosity and select my top 10 tweets for their humor and of course their educational value, which is probably the point.

Number 1:

Fun use of hash tag here

Number 2:

I enjoy the injection of information under the guise of everyday human stuff. It’s a robot about 225 million km (average value) away from earth chatting about speeding tickets? Chuckles.

Number 3:

Well I guess my obsession with the @BronxZoosCobra inspired this choice?

Number 4:

Shout out to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is always a tick in my box.

Number 5:

Four whole minutes until this roving robot lands on Mars #mindboggling.

Number 6:

I see Kung Fu. I think panda. I <3 pandas.

Number 7:

Earth-shatteringly terrible music video by Britney Spears amuses me #irrelevantreferencetotitanicnecklaceinspace.

Number 8:

Social media reference to social media #lifeasweknowit.

Number 9:

As a chemist in a previous life and an urban explorer in my present one, maybe the next step is to run something like a planet? #inspiredbyAI.

Number 10:

Probably a mood killer but @MarsCuriosity is definitely utilizing this medium to educate the masses about its ongoing science experiment on the Red Planet. And now that I am following his progress, I am excited to revive my childhood dream of astronautics. Keep up the good work Rover and those “eyes” peeled for Martian life.