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Will Lady Gaga perform during Tuesday’s Inaugural Ball?

The pop diva will be joining Beyonce and Katy Perry for Tuesday's inaugural ball for White House staffers, according to an anonymous source from the administration.

That party, unlike Monday’s Inaugural Ball, is typically held in private for administration officials and White House staff. Last year, Jay-Z graced audiences with a performance; he reportedly rapped a variation on one of his songs titled “99 Problems, But George Bush Ain’t One,” much to the pleasure of the Obama campaign staff that attended the event.

If Gaga made a surprise performance at the White House celebration, she would doubtless see a bump in publicity surrounding the imminent (but as-of-yet unscheduled) release of her ‘Artpop’ album.

No word, however, on whether her gun-toting brassiere will make another appearance.