The Guardian is live covering the London BlackBerry 10 launch and, as we all wait for the official announcement, here are some previous thoughts about the product from the experts:  

Ovum, Jan Dawson:

Two major factors have worked against RIM in the past two years: companies are no longer buying the majority of smartphones sold today, and individuals overwhelmingly choose devices other than BlackBerries when they make buying decisions.

Charles Golvin, Forrester Research:

To prove its continued viability and potential for renewal, the company must convince multiple constituents to invest in BB10: its current and former users, application developers, mobile operators, and content providers. The highly competitive smartphone market will only offer them a short window to do this, and they'll need to prove themselves in the face of a simultaneous onslaught of marketing from Microsoft, not to mention the continued push from Apple plus Google and its Android partners. 

Mark Sue, RBC Capital Markets:

Upgrading the aging demographics with tight grips on their blackberries is one thing, but for strong unit growth beyond a niche, RIM must simultaneously go after a broader younger base...Cool advertising is a necessity to try to re-capture consumer mindshare... Our global Smartphone analysis details that the "other" category may show the fastest rate of unit growth this year.