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All odds provided by Bovada Online Gaming

1. How long will it take Alicia Keys to sing the US National Anthem? Over 2:10 (Even), Under 2:10 (-140):

What a way to start off the prop bets. For starters you should know that this number is unusually high with recent performances clocking in way below: Clarkson (1:35), Aguilera (1:45), Underwood (1:43). The last performance to push over this figure was Jennifer Hudson's lip-synced anthem in 2009 (2:13). There has been buzz that Keys will go off the reservation, adding new lyrics and stretching out the performance in the hopes of surpassing Whitney Houston's memorable anthem. Judge for yourself, here's Keys during a recent interview, "It's a historical moment, that day, so I'm looking forward to really doing it my style and my way, and I'm looking forward to really making it great." 

Smart Money: For the record the clock starts "from when the first note starts until she completes singing the final brave." Keeping this in mind, 2:10 is an eternity, even with a few extra words thrown in there. Go with the under and root her home as she crosses the finish line. 

2. How long will the post game handshake/hug last between Jim & John Harbaugh? Over 7 seconds (+110), Less than 7 seconds (-150):

A lot of post game handshakes turn into hugs with coaches exchanging whispers and a few extra back-and-forth comments. Jim and John have already stated they'll spend some time together this week and I have a feeling that by the time the game is done the loser will want to get out of the spotlight as quickly as possible. Vegas seems to think the same thing, forcing gamblers to pay a little extra juice to take that under. 

Smart Money: Would you want to hug it out with your sibling after they beat you in front of the entire world? If it's me, I'm outta there before you could say Super Baugh. Go under. 

3. Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first? Teammates (+160), Coach (+1200), Family (+1500), God (+250), Owner (+2000) or no one (+150):

This may be a tad bit sacrilegious, but God is trying a little too hard to get bet on here. Don't be fooled, Ray Lewis isn't winning MVP for a second time. It's pretty safe to assume one of the two QBs will win the honors, with field generals hoisting the Pete Rozelle Trophy five times in the last six years. If it's Kaepernick, family would be a good bet, if it's Flacco don't rule out a coach or owner shout-out to get things started.

Smart Money: There are some great long shot bets on the board with family, owner and coach all promising tasty payouts. You can make three small bets across the board or go all-in with either QB or their logical long shots. I like Kaep thanking his foster parents in a touching moment. 

4. Color of Gatorade dumped on winning coach? Clear/Water (+190) Yellow (+200), Orange (+300), Red (+650), Green (+700), Blue (+700):

The last twelve Super Bowls have played out like this: 4 Clear/Waters, 2 Oranges, 2 Yellows, 2 Purples, and 2 Nones (boo). Purple has been taken off the board, with a rumor circulating that the Ravens won't be using purple Gatorade. Yellow is nearly a co-favorite because both Harbaugh brothers have been doused in the shade during their careers. It should be noted that the color hasn't aligned with the winning team's colors since 2009 when Mike Tomlin got a cooler full of Steelers' yellow dumped on him.

Smart Money: Go with a big bet on yellow for the Harbaugh factor and the Ravens factor (dumped in their '01 win). Then, just for fun, go with a long shot, with blue offering plenty of value. Glacier Freeze (light blue) Gatorade was spotted with numerous 49ers at media days. 

5. Historic Matchup - Who will have more rushing yards in the game? Steve Young Super Bowl XXIX (49 Yards) [-115] vs. Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl XLVII [-115]:

In three of nine starts, Kaep exceeded 49 yards rushing, while averaging 48.8 yards rushing in those nine games. He started three games against top-10 rushing defenses (CHI, NE, SEA) and was rendered virtually irrelevant on the ground, checking with just 69 combined rushing yards in those three contests. The Ravens are the 20th-ranked run defense in the NFL, but they did hold both Michael Vick and RG3 to under 35 yards rushing when they faced off against the Eagles and Redskins this season. Keep in mind that sacks do not count against a quarterback's rushing yardage, as it is subtracted from the team's passing yardage for the game. 

Smart Money: At first blush this seems like an easy bet; go with Kaepernick against a mediocre Raven's run defense. The stats tell a different story, especially the Ravens' week 14 game against RG3, who runs a similar offensive attack. In the end, however, Kaep has the chance to rack up most of the yardage needed to win this bet in a single play. He gouged an average Packer run defense three weeks ago and should do the same on Sunday.