One new corner of the web you probably won't want to visit is the newly launched Tea Party Community, which, as you might suspect, is quickly becoming a nexus for batshit insane political views.

The site is set to officially take off Saturday – and it already has around 90,000 members. Not bad.

I got past the gate and started poking around. Here are the ten most deranged posts I found in the first 15 minutes:

1. It's swamped by commies:

Thanks for coming to my concert. Don't forget to buy a Sobbing Lady Liberty or Obama Is Hitler T-shirt!

2. The world's worst Christmas cards:

The Obama Administration: run by a Communist, a Freemason, a leftist thug and a Fascist. Got it.

3. White pride, or something!?:

The Tea Party: Fighting for the right to proudly label yourself a racist.

4. MS Paint secession scenarios:

Welcome... to the F.R.O.A.!

5. Assertions of killer ancestry:

My grandpa makes chairs.

6. The only thing that could improve this family photo? Firearms:


Aww, well thank you, heavily armed crying eagle!

7. Uh oh, you might run into some... gays!?:

What is wrong with the world when your children could have accidentally seen a picture of two grown men with their faces not touching!?

Also: I hate you.

8. You've got to legaize it!:

"Marijuana is better for you then any drug, including alcohol and cigarettes!"

Think about that one for a second.

9. Barry was a Kenyan all the way back then, too!:


10. Rants, rants, rants:

Okay, you got me. I would like to "view less."

Addicting Info writer and self-described "Filthy Liberal Scum" Justin Rosario says that revelations of the site opening have him "seriously starting to wonder if there's a God, after all." I don't know about God, but I know there is now officially a Hell.