What Time the State of the Union is On

What Time the State of the Union is On

President Obama will enter the Congressional Chamber and begin his State of the Union speech at 9 pm EST. If his past is any indicator, he will roughly end his speech an hour or so after the 9 o'clock start time. Marco Rubio will then make the Republican response. So expect all the political back and forth to end around 10:30 pm EST.

(To see where President Obama's speech length time stand in comparison to other SOTU Addresses, click here)

Barack Obama

average (ex. 2009)

1:05:21 2009 NOT a "State of the Union" February 24, 2009 spoken 0:51:44   January 27, 2010 spoken 1:09:20   January 25, 2011 spoken 1:01:34   January 24, 2012 spoken 1:04:44   February 12, 2012 spoken TBD