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1. Warren Hill Execution: It Would Be Completely Unconstitutional (Areej Elahi-Siddiqui) – As Georgia prepares to execute Warren Hill on Tuesday, an offender with intellectual disabilities, it shows complete disregard for justice, state law, and the Supreme Court.

2. North Korea is More Than Just a Nuclear Threat (Jieun Baek) – With 24 million people suffering under the regime’s iron grip, North Korea is not just a nuclear threat. It's a threat to its own people.

3. Battle Over Gender Wage Gap is Really a Fight Over the Nature Of the Free Market (Sam Meier) – Obama has floated the idea that Congress should pass the failed Paycheck Fairness Act  to combat the gender wage gap and address income inequality in America.

4. 7 Unlikely Actors Who Changed Hollywood For Black Artists (Zak Cheney-Rice) – Black actors have historically had a raw deal in Hollywood, but here are some unconventional performers whose contributions are often overlooked.

5. Jerry Buss Death: Will the Lakers Ever Be Great Again Without Him? (Zak Cheney-Rice) – With Lakers owner Jerry Buss passing away Monday morning, his son Jim will be counted on to lead the franchise forward. But should Jim's shaky track record be cause for concern in L.A.?