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- A winter storm warning is in effect, beginning Wednesday and extending into Thursday.
- An 18-year-old driver was killed in an accident Wednesday after his truck skidded on snow.
- Parts of the state could see up to 5 inches of snow.
- Driving in Tulsa is reported as dangerous, so ... don't drive in Tulsa if you can help it. But, you know, just for today.

- Three people were injured when a Russellville School District bus slid off the road and crashed.
- The Russellville School District may be hiring a new bus driver.
- I-540, I-40, and U.S. Highways 70 & 270 all are reported to have "slick travel," but the bad kind where you crash, not the good kind where you look cool (except if it's a cool crash).
- Northwest Arkansas will see snow and sleet, beginning on Wednesday morning. Northern Arkansas will see the worst weather during Thursday night and Friday morning.

- Missouri lawmakers are cutting their work week short thanks to Winter Storm Q. Right. Believable.
- Missouri transportation agencies have mobilized their salt trucks early in the hopes that anything frozen will melt on impact, although ice accumulations of up to a half-inch can be expected.
- A winter storm watch has been issued from late Wednesday to Thursday.
- Over 100 flights into and out of Kansas City International Airport have been cancelled, affecting many people and cattle.