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Although I heavily supported Ron Paul’s presidential bid in 2008, I was very disappointed by the TV and Internet ads that the Paul campaign ran during that campaign. These tended to be stuffy, poorly produced, and didn’t do a great job highlighting his strengths and differentiate him from his opponents. But whether it’s a change in staff or a growing mainstream popularity, Paul’s ads are a lot better this time around, and his latest Big Dog ad is not an exception.

In the ad, the narrator claims that the rest of the GOP field are “all bark and no bite” when it comes to conservative values and cutting government spending. “You want big cuts? Ron Paul’s been screaming it for years,” the ad says, then addresses his plan to cut $1 trillion from the Federal budget in the first year. Although the ad does remind me a bit too much of those annoying Ford truck commercials, the graphics are slick, the narrator’s voice is weighty, and most importantly, it manages to fit in the bulk of his campaign proposal — $1 trillion in cuts — in just a few seconds.

Even many of Paul’s libertarian supports, myself included, have wished that he would be more aggressive in attacking his GOP opponents and talk himself up more. For example, many on the right call him an “isolationist,” but showing how Paul has received more campaign contributions from the military than the rest of the GOP field combined (just like in 2008) might persuade those who are on the fence.

Although a huge part of Paul’s appeal is his genuine statesman-like humility and his firm belief that it is his message, and not himself, that is the reason for his growing success, it is welcoming to see Paul’s campaign find a way to both accentuate his conservative-libertarian credentials while simultaneously attack his GOP opponent’s absence of any.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons