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Why is Kimora Lee Simmons famous? For that matter, why are half the famous people whose names start with K famous? 

Helen Hunt is wearing an H&M dress. 

New euphemism for naked: "Vulnerable." I guess "brave" is out. 

People Magazine is giving me a better view of the dresses. I can now see that Sally Field's dress looks like those cakes with the dolls in them. But the red is still a good color and her hair is lovely and age appropriate. Great from the neck up. 

Oh, thanks, Anne Hathaway. I just threw up in my mouth. "I met my soulmate." What is this, Dawson's Creek? 

I'm torn on Naomi Watts' dress. The gunmetal sequins are great. The cut is a little wonky. 

Did I know that Charlize Theron had buzzed her hair? "It's the most freeing thing. Every women should do it." Darling, we don't all have your face and your hot bod. 



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