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Seth MacFarlane has taken a lot of heat for being this year's Oscars host. He was a weird choice, especially given his day job. However, he's not Billy Crystal, so that's a plus.

I actually think he'll do pretty well. He's a sharp guy. But in case he doesn't, here are some other, perhaps better, choices:

Joe Biden
I can picture him yelling, "That's a bunch of MALARKEY!" from backstage when Lincoln doesn't win something. Also, his teeth.

Meryl Streep
The only possible way for her to get more stage time is to host the whole show. She'd probably be all elegant and charming and humble though — which might make for a boring rendition.

Oscar Pistorius
Now that would be pretty nuts at this point, right? Like, international fugitive nuts.

Dave Chappelle
If they're gonna go with a pure comedy guy, they should go ridiculously huge. Dave Chappelle — the greatest of his generation — should make his triumphant return to relevance by playing host. Can you imagine the material he has stored up after basically ten years of obscurity?

Tina Fey and/or Amy Poehler