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What a night at the Oscars. Argo and Ang Lee took home the top prizes, Daniel Day-Lewis became the first actor to ever earn three Best Actor nods, and Seth MacFarlane pissed off almost everyone.

PolicyMic pundit Emen Garcia (@MicahMooreNabob) was not pleased with the results:
“The most #overrated film of the year wins #BestPicture. Thank you, #AMPAS. I will never watch the Oscars ever again. #Argo #Oscars2013”

Pundit Brandon Wong (@BWong2287) disagreed:
“Remember when Ben Affleck's career was on life support? He should just take the mic and say ‘F*CK THE HATERS’ and drop the mic. #oscars”
We have the full list of winners. Our very own Elena Sheppard predicted 18 of the 24 winners correctly. She predicted the winners of four of the top six awards. The nation’s top predictor, Nate Silver, didn’t do any better.
Vintage Hollywood glamour on the red carpet. The ladies kept it simple this year, sticking to traditional dresses in understated hues. The men went for a more rugged look: You were hard-pressed to find a clean-shaven face.
Elena Sheppard on the dress that launched a thousand tweets (@eleshepp):
“Anne Hathaway wins but her nipples are the biggest winner of the night #LesNipperables #Oscars2013”
“Welcome to the White House, everyone.” FLOTUS Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance to help Jack Nicholson present the award for Best Picture.
PolicyMic pundit Kyle Stone (@kestone83) was not impressed:
“Was I the only one who thought having Ms. Obama present the award from the White House was totally inappropriate and uncomfortable?”
Editor Laura Donovan (@LauraDonovanUA) sarcastically quipped:
“omg michelle obama thank u for making this about u”
Epic face plant. Jennifer Lawrence gave a heartfelt acceptance speech despite tripping on her way to the podium.
You gotta give the guy his dues. He may have been mind-blowingly insensitive at times, but host Seth MacFarlane knows how to tell a joke.
Thank you to our team of live Oscars bloggers, for making last night a huge success! Agatha Gilmore, Alina Tsui, Anaam Butt, Andy Holdeman, Brian Weidy, Chloe Stillwell, Gabie Kur, Janna Brock, Jane Reynolds, Jasper Zweibel, Michael Calabrese, Sam Perez, Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria, Holly Leber, Tom Mandel. We couldn’t have done it without our awesome team of editors: Elena Sheppard, Alex Marin, Laura Donovan, Chris Miles, Liam Boylan-Pett, and Zak Cheney-Rice.

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