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1. Sequester 2013: It's a Largely Fabricated Drama By Our Leaders (Adam Jutha, @adamjutha) – Sequestration, a self-imposed deadline for politicians to cut federal spending, is days away and could throw the United States back into recession. Who's to blame?
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2. 5 Huge Lies From the Right Wing Media That Conservatives Still Think Are True (Mark Kogan, @markskogan) – Conservative media have invented stories that were accepted as gospel. These stories are completely made-up or go through a conservative spin machine to twist facts, and were never corrected.
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3. The Science Behind Your (Likely) Addiction to Junk Food (Nate Abrams) – Food companies have purposely engineered junk foods to be addictive. How does the addiction work, what are the consequences, and what can we do about it?
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4. 6 Biggest Problems With Mandatory Gun Background Checks (Matt MacBradaigh, @atomiktiger) – Gun control advocates propose universal background checks for all gun purchases, but here are six reasons they just won't prevent gun violence on their own.
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5. PolicyMic Mixtape: 11 New Tracks You Just Can't Miss This Week (Juan Camero, @jdcamero21) – This week's mixtape is dominated by the revolutionary sounds of electronic music. Here are 11 new tracks that showcase the experimental rhythms and impressively flexible genre of electronic.
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