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A group of awesome American corporations are submitting an amicus brief in the landmark Hollingsworth v. Perry case arguing to the Supreme Court that laws banning same-sex marriages are unconstitutional under the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses — reported CNN Money. Here are the 22 (and counting) awesome companies that support marriage equality in America. 

1. Apple:

2. Alcoa:

3. Facebook:

4. eBay:

5. Intel:

6. Morgan Stanley:

7. AIG:

8. Becton Dickinson:

9. Cisco:

10. Cummins:

11. Kimpton:

12. Levi Strauss:

13. McGraw Hill:

14. NCR:

15. Nike:

16. Office Depot:

17. Oracle:

18. Panasonic:

19. Qualcomm:

20. Xerox:

21. Verizon:

22. Cablevision: