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1. The Sequester Makes Washington Look So Pathetic (John Giokaris, @JohnGiokaris) – The sequester would reduce the growth of federal spending over 10 years from $47.2 trillion to $46.1 trillion. If Washington is panicking over this, is real spending reform even possible anymore?
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2. Millennials Prefer Head Lice to Congress, Study Finds (James Wolfensberger)  – Just 22% of millennials view Congress favorably, preferring head lice and a host of other awful things to the legislature.
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3. 75 Republicans Vote to Take Down Prop 8 – Is the GOP Finally Ditching Homophobia? (Roy Klabin, @RoyKlabin) – 75 prominent Republicans, including Jon Huntsman, signed a brief supporting an overturn of Prop 8. Does this mean the GOP is finally changing?
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4. Rap Raised Me (Osman Noor, @OzzyForMayor) – Rap has drawn criticism from its fair share of critics, but it has also served to inspire a generation of youth. This is what rap means to me.
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5. Why Every Millennial in America Should Care About the Sequester (Nick Troiano, @NickTroiano) – Millennials are about to get hit hard – very hard – when across-the-board cuts in the budget sequester take effect on Friday.
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