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1. It’s official! Diets that include wine are healthy (LA Times)

2. This video makes us want to learn how to program (YouTube)

3. Frat bros for trans rights (Salon)

4. A fascinating look into the Mexican-Mormon War (Vice)

5. When a kid’s bedroom isn’t a room (Mother Jones)
6. Kids are getting in trouble for Harlem Shaking in Tunisia and Egypt (Foreign Policy)

7.  Mosh pit physics could save lives (Physics World)

8. Check out Google’s new “Bay View” complex (Mashable)

9. The world’s most brutally honest ad (Upworthy)

10. Daily dose of awesome: Christoph Watlz skateboarding (BuzzFeed)

11. Must-see video: A forest year (Wired)

12. The world’s largest panoramic view (BT).

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