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1. Deadly Mexican Drug Cartels Offer $47,000 For Info On Anonymous Facebook Watchdogs (Roy Klabin, @RoyKlabin) – Anonymous Facebook activists exposing criminal activity and police corruption are raising the fury of Mexican drug cartels, who have posted a $47,000 reward for anyone to identify them.
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2. Iran Nuclear Talks: Obama Should Visit Tehran (Aubrey Bloomfield, @aubbloomfield) – With little progress in sight, the Obama administration must consider bold new steps to address tensions over Iran's nuclear program. Like Nixon's visit to China, Obama should visit Iran.
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3. Did Humans Really Evolve From Rats? (Beth Ashbridge, @Bettyboo4) – A new study links human evolution all the way back to the first placenta-bearing mammals: the rat.
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4. Why the CIA Lets Latin America's Most Wanted Terrorist Live Freely in Miami (Zainab Akande, @akandez) – The U.S. government is still detaining 86 men at Guantanamo Bay prison that it has cleared for release, while simultaneously harboring the "Bin Laden of the Americas" in Miami.
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5. Scientists Could Develop Miracle "Sober Up" Pill (Alexander M. Spring) – Worried about the after-effects of your night out? A team of scientists at UCLA may have found an answer to your drinking dilemma.
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Top article from Black History Month:
6. 4 Famous Black Feminists You Never Learned About in School (Saudi Garcia) – As Black History Month comes to a close, learn about all the courageous black women who fought for gender and racial equality.
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