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1. Free Wi-Fi: A Necessary Tool For Social Equality (Molly Spaeth, @mspaeth) – For economic opportunities, education, and more, everyone should have internet access regardless of income, race, or geographical location.
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2. The Sequester Blame Game: Who’s At Fault? (Ryan Myers) – Neither party chose to work towards preventing the sequester. Here's a look at why DC politicians chose publicity over compromise.
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3. LGBTQIA: A Beginner’s Guide to the Great Alphabet Soup Of Queer Identity (Jacob Tobia) – Have no clue what LGBT*(T)Q1Q2GQIAASCP(GSM) means? Refer to this definitive guide to the queer alphabet and you’ll be in the know in no time.
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4. Bullying Is a Serious Problem That Deserves Our Full Attention (Laura Donovan, @LauraDonovanUA) – Emily Bazelon just paid a visit to an NYC Barnes & Noble to promote her book on bullying. 'Sticks and Stones' proves school bullying is only getting worse and needs our full attention.
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5. 4 Inspiring Videos That Make You Want To Change the World (Liam Boylan-Pett, @liam_bp) – Some of the best videos on the internet never go viral. These four examples show the inspirational power of video.
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