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1. 100,000 sign petition to unlock cell phones. Responding to a popular online petition, the Obama administration announced it will support legislation allowing consumers to “unlock” their cell phones for use on any service provider.
2. iWatch could hit shelves this year. Bloomberg writes that Apple has assigned over 100 product designers to work on a watch with functions similar to those of the iPhone and iPad. Sources claim the watch will be able to make calls, provide GPS data, and calculate health stats.
3. Oberlin rallies against hate incidents. The college’s President declared Monday a “day of solidarity” after a student was spotted on campus KKK garb. The incident is one of many occurrences of anti-gay and racist behavior on campus in past weeks. An Oberlin student called the college's response “an inspiring day of community empowerment.”
4. GOP to bring spending bill to Congress on Thursday. House Republicans have released a bill that would provide funding for federal programs and prevent a government shutdown later this month. The bill looks to increase spending on defense while leaving domestic cuts in place.
5. Gun measure wins bipartisan support in Senate. A coalition of Senators – four Democrats and two Republicans – have co-sponsored a bill to combat gun trafficking. The measure would prevent criminals from acquiring weapons through middlemen, a practice known as “straw purchasing.”
6. Moleskine seeks $455 million in IPO. The Italian notebook company will sell a 50% stake of its shares later this month.
7. New Hendrix album released today. A new album of previously-unreleased material from Jimi Hendrix showcases the different musical directions the legendary guitarist explored before his death. CNN discusses the factors that would make Hendrix an icon in any era.
8. Chavez suffers cancer setback. A serious respiratory infection has put the leader in weak condition, forcing him to breathe through a tracheal tube. The government has repeatedly stated that Chavez is “fighting for his life.”
9. China to appoint new president. China’s Communist Party will appoint General Secretary Xi Jinping as the country’s president following an annual party meeting that begins today. Xi will face difficult problems as China's new leader, including pollution, slowing economic growth, and weak social services.
10. Pirate Bay finds safe harbor in North Korea. The ships on the homepage of the notorious pirating website are flying the North Korean flag. Members of the pirating community say that North Korea hopes that providing virtual asylum to the website will irritate the U.S. government.

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