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1. A Return Trip: LSD Gets a Second Look (Kasia Broussalian, @kbroussalian) – After many clinical labs experimenting with medicinal uses for hallucinogens closed in the 1960s, research dwindled to a halt – until recently.
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2. Why Background Checks Aren't the Best Answer in the Gun Control Debate (Jack Lee, @_jack_lee) – While the U.S. may be able to pass legislation requiring universal background checks, this would fail to solve major gun violence issues, such as shortcomings in our mental health system and the lack of enforcement of current gun laws.
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3. Don’t Be Fooled: GOP Leaders Still Totally Oppose Same-Sex Marriage (Ned Flaherty) – The CPAC convention gives white supremacists better hospitality than it gives to LCR and GOProud. That’s just how untouchable gay people still are to other conservatives.
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4. Were 'The Jetsons' Right About What Life Will Look Like in 2062? (Adam Hogue, @Hoguie) – No matter how much we emulate the technology of 'The Jetsons,' the show will always depict a future and that will never fully be realized.
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5. What the Viral Video About Wealth Inequality Doesn’t Tell You About the Income Gap(Andrea Ayres, @missafayres) – A viral video on YouTube depicts a bleak picture of economic inequality in America. Unfortunately, the video fails to tell us everything we need to know about economic disparity between classes.
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