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1. Why Do So Many People Hate Anne Hathaway? (Holly Leber, @hollyleber) – Why are we so eager to dethrone the Princess of Genovia? We're "Hathahaters" because she is too polished, too prepared, and reeks of insincerity.
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2. Oberlin College Hate Speech Imitates How Americans Discriminate As Adults (Frank Hagler, @bamatek) – The incidents of intolerance that led Oberlin College to cancel classes are an indication that we still have a long way to go before we reach a state of racial, ethnic, and gender harmony.
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3. Drones: A Major U.S. Export That Kill Democracy in Every Nation (Robert Taylor, @Westernerd) – A proposed sale of drones to the U.A.E. is the latest example of the influence of the military-industrial-complex and how it threatens democratic process, constitutional liberties, and peace.
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4. Pyongyang Vows to Attack U.S. and South Korea (Andrea Ayres, @missafayres)  – For the first time ever, North Korea has threatened to launch a nuclear strike against the U.S. Are they for real?
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5. Fox’s 'New Girl': A Sitcom That Accurately Represents Millennials' Financial Woes (Michael Calabrese, @EastBreese) – The characters' jobs, loft, and lifestyles all mirror the economic uncertainty millennials currently face.
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