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Trending In Our News Feeds Rand Paul writes for PolicyMic! – “I filibustered to defend millennials” – Some highlights from the senator’s op-ed (read the story here): On his 13-hour filibuster – “Last week, a Senate colleague of mine said that when I questioned whether or not the president could order a drone strike on American citizens on American soil, I was just catering to ‘libertarian kids in their dorm rooms.’ Standing up for the Bill of Rights and the Fifth Amendment was not a political stunt designed to appeal to certain audiences.”
On the future of millennials in the Republican Party – “We need a different kind of GOP, a party that speaks to the rising generation. A Republican Party that is more tolerant and dedicated to keeping the government out of people’s lives… would be more appealing to the rising generation… [and] might finally turn this country around.”
On entitlement reform – “We need to have serious reform to save Social Security and Medicare so that those who’ve paid into these systems all their lives can receive their benefits. But for young Americans, they need a way to opt out or at least something very different.”
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Black smoke signals still no pope. No Cardinal received the two-thirds vote necessary to become the next pope. The College of Cardinals reconvenes for a second round of voting today. Cardinals have speculated that the conclave may take four days or more to select Benedict’s successor.
Venezuela forming panel to investigate Chávez death. The panel of scientists will determine whether the former president Hugo Chavez was poisoned, as interim President Nicolas Maduro has publicly suggested.
Steubenville rape case goes to court. A juvenile court in Ohio will hear the case today of two high school football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. The court has decided to ban electronic devices from the hearing in order to ensure discipline. Over the past several months, social media users have weighed judgment on the teens via YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and tweets. Follow along as Elizabeth Plank provides live updates.
CA likely to pass bill supporting online classes. The California Senate will vote on a bill today that would require state colleges and universities to grant credit to students who complete faculty-approved online classes. The bill would also require state schools to provide credit for classes taught by other colleges, as well as private vendors. The bill aims at providing educational opportunities to students who cannot register for over-enrolled classes. Its approval would mark a milestone in the future of online education.
Building blocks for life discovered on Mars. NASA announced yesterday that scientists have discovered a rock sample on Mars that contains the elements required for life. A leading scientist declared that the results indicate that Mars was likely habitable, at some point in time.
Status Updates Rand Paul’s op-ed in going viral. Since it was published at 5 a.m. today, Rand Paul’s op-ed on PolicyMic has received 62 mics, 129 comments, and over 1,000 shares. Outlets such as Politico, The Hill, The Blaze, and The Washington Post have published pieces on the op-ed.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic This is the Year Colleges Will Start Taking Online Education Seriously (Ross Cunningham, @rossacunningham) – 2013 is the year universities will stop thinking of online education as just a fad or an inferior educational option. Internet tools allow higher education to be a continuous process – a university for life.
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In Order To Prevent Another Steubenville, Men Must Step Up To Prevent Rape (Elizabeth Plank, @feministabulous) – As we approach the beginning of the Steubenville court case, it's time we stop telling women to prevent rape and start teaching men not to rape.
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How the GOP Can Win On the Biggest Issue in America: Jobs (Charles Davì, @CharlesDavi) –  In order to win on jobs, the GOP needs to clean out its bench, ditch the losing policies of the past, and put forth solutions that will make the country more competitive abroad.
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3 New Ways Google Glass Invades Your Privacy (Shaq Katikala) – Google's new HUD device is in the final stages of development. Find out how wearing a phone on your face instead of keeping it in your pocket raises new privacy concerns.
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Why Are There No Black Emojis? (Andy Holdeman, @andyholdeman) – The peculiar and popular Emoji emoticons from Japan don't include any black people. This is weird and problematic — even for things as ridiculous as Emojis.
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Dennis Rodman is flying to Rome to meet the pope. Seriously (Washington Post).
Ukranian killer dolphins have escaped in search of sex, according to Russia (Atlantic Wire).
Just for kicks – It’s not just celebrities who commit fashion faux-pas: The eight worst-dressed cardinals at the papal conclave.
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