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Trending In Our News Feeds Rush Limbaugh publishes on PolicyMic, telling millennials “no one has any obligation to listen to you.” Limbaugh wrote an op-ed, “Pandering to Millennials Will Ruin the GOP,” for PolicyMic in response to Alex Smith’s popular story calling on millennials to reinvent the Republican Party. Some highlights from Limbaugh’s response: On the status of millennials: “You are not entitled to be respected just because of your age. … You can demand to be respected, recognized, and listened to all day long, but understand that no one has any obligation to listen to you. You are going to have to make them want to… by virtue of your achievements. By demonstrating potential. By being interesting. Yes, even by being provocative.”
On developing a core identity: “The Republican Party right now is scared. It doesn't know what it wants to be, nor does it know what it should be. It has lost its confidence and too many in the party think they have to become more moderate, or more like Democrats, in order to be liked and popular ... I think a political party that reaches out to groups and demographics with ideas that lack cohesion is a party destined to lose because it will fragment. A party has to be about a universal set of principles and ideas that attract all kinds of people from all walks of life. All ages, all genders, all orientations.”
On millennials & the future of the GOP: “I think a political party that reaches out to groups and demographics with ideas that lack cohesion is a party destined to lose because it will fragment. A party has to be about a universal set of principles and ideas that attract all kinds of people from all walks of life. All ages, all genders, all orientations.”
On the ideological war with Democrats:  “At the same time, you must be honest with yourselves and understand exactly what it is the Democratic Party seeks to do. If you are serious about all this, you must resolve that the Democratic Party is to be defeated, not compromised with. You rightly note the challenges you face: Rising stifling debt. Rising unemployment. Rising deficits. No economic growth. The state is getting bigger and the private sector, where you work, is getting smaller. Not cool. And many of you probably would say that the Republican Party contributed in part to all of this, and you would be right.”
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Rand Paul draws millennials to CPAC. Leaders of top millennial-oriented Republican groups credited Rand Paul’s speech on Thursday with drawing a younger audience to the conservative gathering. So many young conservatives flooded the convention hall ahead of Paul’s speech that security guards warned of a potential fire hazard. In his speech, Paul declared, “The GOP of old has grown stale and moss covered.”
Obama urges development of energy research fund. In the first energy speech of his second term, the President will later today urge Congress to approve an “Energy Security Trust” that would raise $2 billion over 10 years from royalties earned through offshore drilling. The fund would be used to research methods to lower the cost of cars that run on alternative fuels.
UN considers lifting weapons embargo on second anniversary of Syria conflict. France and Britain are expected to push other UN members to provide weapons to Syrian rebels at a conference in Brussels today. Russia, a strong supporter of Syria, will likely attempt to block the move. Today, Syrians mark the second anniversary of a conflict that has killed as many as 70,000 and displaced more than one million.
Young Americans slower to develop wealth than parents. The Urban Institute has published a study reporting that Americans up to age 40 have accrued less wealth than their parents had by the same age. Says the author of the study: “In this country, the expectation is that every generation does better than the previous generation. This is no longer the case. This generation might have less.” Factors such as stagnant pay and student debt have made it difficult for younger Americans to begin saving money.
Facebook considers adding hashtags. Sources familiar with the project claim that Facebook is working to add hashtag functionality to its site. Facebook hashtags would allow users to group conversations by topic in a fashion similar to Twitter.
Status Updates Daily Caller writes on Limbaugh’s story. Matt Lewis discusses the advice that Limbaugh shares with millennials in his PolicyMic op-ed.
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