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Ever had a conversation about a friend from high school or college who has changed to a certain degree over time? Or perhaps you have met a new friend and wondered what they were really like before you knew them? Pre-2004 you would have had to take what they told you about their past as truth (foolishness). Then Facebook came along, and now Big Bro – Mark Zuckerberg and Co. – have rolled out the Facebook Timeline, a charming little application that is basically an appendix to all of your bad decisions for anyone that has access to your profile. 

Using the Timeline, you can search someone’s profile down to the month and year, giving you the ability to dig through every photo, post, and story your friends have posted since they joined, down to the specific month and year. Now it will become abundantly clear that your co-worker’s "year off" from school in 2005 was rehab, and that your new friend’s "holistic retreat" two years ago was a nose job. So many secrets ... so little time.

Aside from its obvious implications in preventing anyone from the class of 2012 onward from ever gaining employment, I would have to say that I am in favor of this new development. Facebook is like dating a Kardashian, it's fun and frivolous, but also causes a giant invasion of your privacy. 

People from this point forward will have to be honest about their pasts, because no one has the time to go back and remove every single stupid post or picture they created in the last seven years. It will also settle a lot of arguments about whether someone’s significant other has been doing better or worse post-breakup. Do you want to know when your college roommate’s high school girl friend peaked? Go back to December of 2003 and see if she was really a “smoke show” before the freshman 15 hit. 

Most importantly though, the Timeline is a snap shot of our own history. The Facebook Timeline allows us to take a cold hard look in the mirror-like screen of our computers and assess where we have been, currently are, and answer life’s important questions like: “Am I better looking now than I was in college?,”  “Do my pictures still make me look like a massive alcoholic?,”and “Why did I jump on that keefa scarf trend in 2008?” It allows us to plot our digital course and discover whether we are peaking or plunging. It's like the old saying goes, "Privacy and security are those things you give up when you show the world what makes you extraordinary.” So be extraordinary everyone ... be extraordinary.

Photo Credit: Yassef.