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Trending In Our News Feeds Steubenville football players found guilty of rape. On Sunday, an Ohio judge sentenced Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays to one and two-year sentences in the juvenile system for raping a 16-year-old girl. Because the victim could not remember the night she was assaulted, prosecutors used text messages and cell phone pictures as their primary sources of evidence. PolicyMic pundit Andrea Ayres-Deet provides an excellent analysis of the significance of the case.
RNC gives poor review of party performance. The Republican National Committee has released a harsh review of GOP performance in the last two presidential elections. In a speech today, Committee Chairman Reince Priebus detailed a list of party problems ranging from poor messaging to weak canvassing efforts. Proposed solutions include a $10 million minority outreach program and GOP-hosted “hack-a-thons” to promote information sharing within the party.
Cyprus considers painful bailout terms. Over the weekend, the EU agreed to a bailout of the failing Cypriot economy, on the condition of a fine paid by all citizens with bank accounts. In response to strong resistance to the bailout terms, President Nicos Anastasiades warned that failure to accept the terms would result in economic collapse. The Cypriot government has postponed a vote on the bailout conditions Union until tomorrow evening, in hopes of renegotiating terms with the EU.
U.S. gov. investigates Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Justice Department opened an investigation last year based on a tip that the publication’s China bureau was bribing Chinese officials for information. The Journal’s parent company was unable to find any evidence to support the accusation. Journal officials claim an ally of the Chinese government may have reported the tip to disrupt the publication’s reporting.
Scientists create embryo of extinct species. Researchers from an Australian university have successfully created a living embryo of a frog species that has been extinct for 30 years. While the embryo did not survive, the scientists assured the media, “We do expect to get this guy hopping again.” The experiment makes the resurrection of deceased species an exciting possibility.
Must Reads From PolicyMic How Millennials Dominated CPAC (Jeanne Vickery)CPAC has wrapped and the numbers are in: the “establishment” has no choice but to hear millennials out.
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8 Things You Should Never Do On the Internet (Jane Reynolds, @JaneBReynolds) – If you're not careful, the Internet can ruin your life. Here are tips to save you from yourself.
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Conservatives Accuse Muslims Of Waging a “Stealth Jihad” (Areej Elahi-Siddiqui, @andareejsays) – Breitbart News hosted an unofficial panel at CPAC titled “The Uninvited: A series of controversial speakers and panels,” which was host to ignorant Islamophobic speech.
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‘Spring Breakers’: An Incredibly Entertaining Visual Overload (Laura Donovan, @LauraDonovanUA) – Featuring shaky camera angles, oppressively bright colors, loud music, and constant chaos, “Spring Breakers” is a lot to stomach for a 90-minute movie.
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RNC Chairman Underestimates the Intelligence Of Millennials (Allyson Werner) – RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told CBS that the GOP’s failure in the recent presidential election could be primarily attributed to image. Here's why he's wrong.
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What We’re Sharing What businesses are trying to learn from Obama’s campaign model (Washington Post).
What we can learn about censorship in Iran from the demise of Google reader (Washington Post).
Super PACs were a massive scam, study reveals (Salon).
Architects turn slums in South Korea into art (Al Jazeera).
The cult of imperfectionism: Why we need Jennifer Lawrence (Washington Post).
Hat tip: Juan Camero
An interactive NCAA bracket, courtesy of The Washington Post.
Dastardly deed! Prank artist tricks girl scouts with fake 6,000-box cookie order (ABC News).
Just For Kicks – 23 hoops players who stepped it up for March Madness.
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