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Trending In Our News Feeds 10-year anniversary of U.S. invasion of Iraq. Blasts in Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad killed 56 Iraqis today. The Washington Post reports that10 years after the U.S. invasion, some regions are flourishing, but tensions between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims present a major obstacle to progress in Iraq. PolicyMic pundit Robert Taylor considers the significance of Iraq for U.S. foreign policy, and Mayura Iyer discusses four long-term impacts of the war.
Syrian rebels elect American leader. Syria’s National Coalition voted today to elect American citizen Ghassan Hitto as prime minister of the rebel faction. The Coalition hopes that Hitto and his cabinet will help to unite the rebels and provide services to rebel-controlled areas.
Hillary Clinton endorses same-sex marriage. The former Secretary of State announced her support in a video released yesterday by gay rights advocacy group Human Rights Campaign. Clinton’s announcement comes ahead of two SCOTUS hearings on same-sex marriage, and signals Clinton’s intent to remain a player in national politics.
Washington Post to charge for online content. Beginning this summer, the Post will make readers pay a fee if they would like to access more than 20 online articles per month. The publication will continue to provide free online content to students and teachers, government employees, and military personnel. The Post’s publisher explained the decision: “Our digital package is a valuable one, and we are going to ask our readers to pay for it and help support our news gathering as they have done for many years with the print edition.”
Bloomberg proposes new cigarette law. The New York mayor seems determined to cement his legacy before leaving office. Less than a week after his controversial “soda ban” was struck down, Bloomberg has proposed new legislation that would require stores to hide cigarettes from sight. He declared that, “Such displays suggest that smoking is a normal activity, and they invite young people to experiment with tobacco.”
$500 million Boston art heist solved. Marking the 23rd anniversary of the infamous heist of 13 precious paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the FBI announced it has discovered the identity of the thieves. The agency, however, is opting to focus on recovery of the paintings, and will not to reveal the burglars’ names.
Status Updates Think you have a good March Madness bracket? Test your prediction prowess in PolicyMic’s NCAA tournament pool. The winner will earn fame and glory via a shout-out in Mic Check. You have until noon EDT on Thursday to submit your entry.
Must Reads From PolicyMic Why Did CNN Find the Conviction Of the Steubenville Rapists “Difficult to Watch”? (Elizabeth Plank, @feministabulous) – The Steubenville rape case has come to an end. Instead of expressing sympathy for the rape victim, CNN shared their concern for the rapists.
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NYPD Stop and Frisk is a Failure, So Why Does It Exist? (Zak Cheney-Rice) – Victims are suing the NYPD over its racially biased and unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policies. But considering the history from which they emerged, real change is hard to imagine.
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10 Awesome Album Covers That Will Make You Miss the CD Era (Jake Stein) – In an era of singles and Internet radio, let's celebrate the lost art of the album cover.
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Jack Dorsey For NYC Mayor: Is Twitter Co-Founder the Next Michael Bloomberg? (Gabriel Rodriguez) – The co-founder of Twitter and Square announced on ‘60 Minutes’ that he is serious about running for mayor of New York City. Will he be the next CEO mayor after Bloomberg?
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Kim Kardashian’s Star Power Proves That Beauty Is All You Need to Be Famous (Andy Boyd) – Kim Kardashian's fame admits something about our culture that we've been trying to ignore for a long time: When it comes to celebrity, the most important thing a woman can be is beautiful.
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