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Trending In Our News Feeds Supreme Court to hear major gay marriage cases.  SCOTUS will begin hearing two cases this week that will determine whether the government can treat gay citizens differently from the straight population. Tomorrow, the Court will hear a case against California’s Prop 8 – a law that bans gay marriage. The following day, lawyers will bring the federal Defense of Marriage Act before the justices. Look for SCOTUS to rule on the cases in June.
Missouri senator announces gay marriage support on Tumblr. After sharing her recipe for a “pretty darn good” lemon meringue pie, Senator Claire McCaskill announced her support for gay marriage, declaring that this “is simply the right thing to do.”
Zuckerberg spends millions for immigration reform. Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg has invested millions of dollars to develop a political advocacy group that will focus on immigration reform and long-term economic issues. Zuckerberg will team up with other tech executives to advocate for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The group marks Zuckerberg’s first major move into politics: His previous political donations total $10,000.
Cyprus and EU reach bailout agreement. Good news: The global economy isn’t going to collapse! Late last night, Cypriot and euro zone officials hashed out a plan to rescue Cyprus’ failing economy. The agreement calls for a massive restructuring of Cyprus’ banking system and hefty fines on accounts over 100,000 euros. However, officials removed a controversial one-time tax on all Cypriot accounts from the agreement. The BBC tells us how Cyprus got in this mess in the first place.
Kerry makes surprise visit to Iraq. John Kerry became the first secretary of state to visit Iraq since the American withdrawal, when he made an unexpected stop in the country over the weekend. Kerry urged Iraq’s prime minister to stop Iran from using Iraqi airspace to transport weapons to the Assad regime in Syria. Unfortunately, the talk did not lead to a major breakthrough.
Florida Gulf Coast makes NCAA history. The Florida Gulf Coast Eagles became the first 15- seed to ever reach the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament following their 10-point rout of San Diego State. The Eagles have won over fans with their flamboyant style, which has even inspired a rap video, “Dunk City.”
Status Updates No deal, no break. Our friend Nick Troiano (co-founder and national field director for The Can Kicks Back) urges members of Congress to remain in Washington until they can agree how to reduce the national debt, in an op-ed for the L.A. Times.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic What You Should Do If A Drunk Girl Passes Out On Your Couch (Elizabeth Plank, @feministabulous) – It only takes this guy 25 seconds to show you how to act when a drunk girl passes out on your couch.
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Meet the College Grad Who Is Trying To Meet All His Facebook Friends in Person (Christine Salek, @christinesalek) – Ty Morin is attempting to meet all 788 of his Facebook friends, and he's documenting his journey using both pictures and video.
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Pervez Musharraf Returns to Pakistan Amid Taliban Death Threats (Areej Elahi-Siddiqui, @andareejsays) – The former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, has returned from his self-imposed exile to find the country much worse off under democracy than it ever was under his presidency.
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How a Fordham Student Created an Online Database Of Slaves’ Tombs (Christine Salek, @christinesalek) – Fordham University history student Sandra Arnold created “The Burial Database Project of Enslaved African Americans” to track burial sites that are often difficult to find.
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The 7 Worst GOP Gerrymanders Of 2012 (Nicole Polizzi, @npolizzi) – Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of gerrymandering, but the GOP is by far the worst culprit.
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What We’re Sharing Homeland Security courts hackers. How the government is using hacking challenges to recruit computer masterminds (NY Times).
Chess mania strikes in Armenia. How the country became a chess powerhouse (Al Jazeera).
In Saddam’s shadow. Vice visits Baghdad to investigate the effects of the American occupation.
That piece killed by the Post. Did The Washington Post refuse to publish a story because it was critical of the media’s coverage of Iraq? (Pressing Issues).
Cells phones are more common than clean toilets. Why businesses respond to consumer needs better than governments (Quartz).
Are we all martians? The Daily Beast wonders if we had cousins on Mars.
The rise of the temp. Why freelancers will soon come to dominate the workforce (Quartz).
Beer gave us civilization. How alcohol fosters exploration, inventiveness, and romance (NY Times).
The business of being a Beatle. The Fab Four had an unconventional plan to manage all that money (Bloomberg).
Just for kicks – Now you can drive fast, and feel good doing it. Ferrari is releasing a hybrid supercar.
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