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Trending In Our News Feeds SCOTUS to hear arguments on DOMA. Lawyers will present opening arguments for and against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) today in a case that will determine whether gay couples can receive the same benefits as straight partners. Edith Windsor first challenged DOMA in 2009 when she was forced to pay over $300,000 following the death of her wife, because the government refused to recognize the couple’s marriage. The AP describes the possible outcomes of the case, and BBC tells you which countries have already legalized gay marriage. Follow PolicyMic’s live coverage of today’s arguments, here.
What you need to know about the Prop 8 hearing. Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard the opening arguments in another gay rights case that will determine whether California can prevent its gay citizens from marrying. PolicyMic pundits bring you the top four arguments from the hearing, and the key takeaways, according to our reporter in the Court.
Obama appoints first woman to direct Secret Service. The President has officially appointed Julia Pierson as the first female director in the 148-year history of the agency best known for protecting the First Family. Pierson will look to reform the Service’s image following last year’s prostitution scandal at the Summit of the Americas.
Google announces glasses winners. Keep your eyes glued to your inbox – Google has started e-mailing the lucky few who have been chosen to test out the company’s new Glass product. Google selected the winners based on their proposals for how they would use the high-tech glasses. Winning proposals range from a woman who will use Glass to broadcast the World War II memorial to sick vets, and a fireman who wants to create video feeds of pre-fire planning routes.
3D printing ushers in a new era of design. Scientists may be able to able to create human tissue with 3D printers, thanks to a breakthrough that allows researchers to manufacture stem cells. Researchers at a Scottish university announced they have successfully created stem cells using a Frankenstein 3D printer that combines custom and off-the-shelf parts. Mother Jones discusses how 3D printing could alter the climate change movement, and VICE tells us how the printers are changing the way we make guns.
Status Updates Help Scott Rogowsky become the next Jimmy Fallon. PolicyMic pundit and late-night TV host Scott Rogowsky wants to become the new host of Late Night. But first, he needs to raise $94.51 dollars to grab producer Lorne Michaels’ attention with an edible arrangement. Watch his personal appeal, here.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic In 4 Sentences, Justice Elena Kagan Dominates the Guy Arguing Against Gay Marriage (Chris Miles, @Chris_Miles_) – Charles J. Cooper, the lawyer protecting California’s ban of gay marriage, got trounced in the Prop 8 Q&A oral arguments by Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Read the meltdown here.
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Preparing For the Worst: Why the U.S. Is Developing Plans to Strike North Korea (Robert Taylor, @Westernerd) – A new “South Korean-led, U.S.-supported” military agreement that would allow both governments to "immediately and decisively" strike North Korea sets an ominous tone on the global stage.
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‘Victoria's Secret’ Ads Targeting Tweens Spark Massive Backlash (Elizabeth Plank, @feministabulous) – Parents are using social media to call out Victoria’s Secret for gearing its products and advertising to young girls.
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Are Unlikeable TV Leads the New Norm? (Michael Calabrese) – “Girls,” “House Of Cards,” and “Homeland” are all testing the depths of what an audience will tolerate before abandoning a lead character and show entirely.
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Anonymous Rallies Against Horrific “Troubled Teen” Industry (Roy Klabin, @RoyKlabin) – A notorious new form of child abuse has become disturbingly commonplace in America: sending youth away to unregulated, sometimes deadly “troubled teen” camps.
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What We’re Sharing Nate Silver tells you why gay marriage will eventually become legal, even if SCOTUS rules against it (NY Times).
Reckless bankers don’t just cause recessions: They make us wealthy, too (Financial Times).
One of the world’s largest solar companies just collapsed, but that might not be such a bad thing (MIT Tech Review).
All millennials want is the house with the white picket fence, but that might be easier said than done (NY Times).
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The rise of narcissism. How social media and the Internet make everything about the individual (Atlantic).
The 140 best twitter feeds of 2013, according to TIME.
The Deadliest Catch, 1890 edition. These cigarette cards show off some of the most dangerous jobs of the time (Slate).
What’s up with that red equal sign that’s all over Facebook? (TIME).
Dessert – 2,000 years of partying: The history and economics of Spring Break.
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