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Trending In Our News Feeds North Korea tensions escalate. Kim Jong-Un ordered North Korean military leaders to prepare rockets for a strike on the U.S. following a mock bombing exercise by the American military. Senior Pentagon officials ordered the bombing exercise as a show of force to North Korea and a sign of support to South Korea and Japan.
EPA introduces clean gas regulations. The EPA is set to introduce new gas and car regulations that could amount to Obama’s most significant air pollution initiative. The regulations aim to cut the amount of sulfur in gas by two-thirds, and will impose pollution limits on all cars released after 2017. The catch: There is significant debate over the cost of the new proposals. The White House claims gas prices will rise by a penny, while industry officials argue prices could go up by nine cents.
UN approves intervention force in Congo. For the first time, the UN Security Council has authorized the creation of an armed “intervention brigade” within one of its peacekeeping forces. The UN Security Council unanimously voted to allow armed intervention in the ethnic violence in Congo that traces its roots back to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
Scientists make major breakthrough in early cancer detection. Scientists with the Collaborative Oncological Gene-environment Study have discovered 74 new regions of DNA that are associated with breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer, nearly doubling the number of known markers. The new markers will help with the early cancer detection and treatment.
Study finds slackers are happier. The consulting firm Leadership IQ discovered that low-performing employees are the happiest workers at 42% of companies, based on a study that analyzed data from 207 corporations. The study concluded that high-performing workers are often more stressed than their peers because their bosses ask more of them.
Scientists create a computer transistor from DNA. Researchers at the Endy Laboratory have successfully created a transistor – the basic component of a computer – using genetic material. The discovery raises the possibility of living computers in the not-so-distant future that could be inserted into living things in order to detect illnesses and destroy cancerous cells.
Status Updates Get to know PolicyMic Pundit of the Week Morgan Davies! Find out why Morgan loves writing for the culture team, what her dream job would be, and what makes culture editor Elena Sheppard feel like a “sugar-crazed kid in the middle of a candy store.” Read the interview, here.
Check out what your fellow Mic Check readers are up to. Yesterday, Ray Hudkins let us know that his group, Florida Independent Voting, is working to create a more fair electoral system by changing the Florida primary system.
Sandy Oestreich, an advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, informs us that the Arkansas Senate will hold a hearing on the ERA on April 2. She hopes to help pass a federal amendment making sex discrimination a violation of the Constitution.
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