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Trending In Our News Feeds Barney Frank publishes on PolicyMic! The first openly gay congressman shares his thoughts on millennials’ role in the fight for gay rights in his op-ed “Millennials Are the Single Biggest Reason Why Politicians Will Legalize Gay Marriage.”
On the importance of millennials to the gay rights movement: “It is the overwhelming support of young people for the right of two people of the same sex to full legal recognition of their love for each other that assures the ultimate success of that cause. In fact, I can think of no issue since the Vietnam War where the political community has been so aware, and – for reasons of self-interest – respectful, of the distinct point of view of voters in their 20’s.”
On millennials’ ability to influence the decisions of politicians: “Happily, millennials are to a great extent intolerant of intolerance. This is why they are altering politicians’ behavior. It is one thing for an elected official to know that many constituents disagree with his or her position. It is very much another when they not only disagree, but profoundly disrespect your view.”
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Advocacy groups to challenge anti-abortion laws. The Center for Reproductive Rights is partnering with the ACLU to challenge two new anti-abortion laws in Arkansas and North Dakota. Lawyers for the groups will argue that the laws violate Roe v. Wade. The laws passed in Arkansas and North Dakota prevent abortions as early as twelve and six weeks after conception, respectively.
The Egyptian Jon Stewart turns himself in. Authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of popular satirist Bassem Youssef on Sunday in response to allegations that the comedian insulted Islam on his TV show. Youssef, whose comedic style is frequently compared to Jon Stewart’s, arrived at the prosecutor’s office wearing an oversized graduation hat meant to taunt President Morsi. The arrest raises concerns for free speech in Egypt.
Tech companies announce massive changes. Google is implementing a massive overhaul of its products today, including the release of Gmail Blue and the end of YouTube. Twitter will start charging $5 a month for access to vowels. The Internet will never be the same… But before you write off Google Nose, remember that Google first announced Gmail on April Fools’ Day in 2004.
Important economic reports released today. Manufacturing PMI reports released by major economies in the past 24 hours have provided pleasing results. Asian countries demonstrated strong economic growth, while Europe posted predictably messy numbers. The U.S. fared better than expected.
GOP’s biggest flaw is “inflexibility.” A Gallup poll released today reveals that voters believe the GOP’s biggest flaw is inflexibility. The poll asked members of all political parties to list two “likes” and “dislikes” about the Democratic and Republican parties. 21% called the GOP inflexible, while 14% criticized Democrats for their spending.
Status Updates Cory Booker tweets Barney Frank's story. The mayor of Newark tweeted Frank's op-ed to his 1,300,000 followers. Retweet Booker's message, here!
Superstar pundit featured in The Week! The experts at The Week reference PolicyMic pundit Robert Taylor’s analysis of North Korea in their most recent article on the Korean peninsula. Read Robert’s story, here.
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