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Trending In Our News Feeds North Korea bans Southern workers from entering key factory. Northern officials banned workers from South Korea from entering the Kaesong Industrial Complex today, an ominous move that could mean war is on the horizon.
UN approves groundbreaking arms treaty. The UN General Assembly voted to adopt its first resolution to limit the international gun trade. While the Arms Trade Treaty will take years to implement, it will likely limit the scale of mass atrocities.
Second GOP senator backs gay marriage. Illinois Senator Mark Kirk announced his support for gay marriage on Tuesday, becoming the second Republican senator to come out in support of marriage equality. Kirk credits the stroke that removed him from politics for almost a year with changing his views on marriage.
Elite colleges to revolutionize online education. Stanford will team up with Harvard and MIT to create software that it hopes will be the “Linux of online learning.” The universities will integrate elements from their Coursera and edX programs in order to revolutionize massive open online courses.
World Health Organization to spend $5.5 billion to end polio. WHO has unveiled the Global Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan, with the aim of ending polio by 2018. While there were only 223 reported cases of polio last year, the incurable virus still poses the threat of outbreaks, such as the one that struck China as recently as 2011.
Scientists to release data on invisible matter. Results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer may provide insight into the nature of dark matter, a material that is incredibly difficult to detect because it is invisible and does not interact with light and atoms. Experts speculate that dark energy could be harnessed into an incredibly powerful energy source.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic The Girl Who Cried “Grape” (Julia Shiplett, @lertiene) – Gray rape, or "grape" as its been dubbed, is the elephant in many bedrooms and we need to start talking about it now.
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Finally, the Phrase "Illegal Immigrant" is Dead (Andrea Ayres-Deets, @missafayres) – The Associated Press has just removed the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its style book, thus also removing the term from media outlets across the U.S.
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Welcome to the Georgia Town That Requires All Citizens to Own a Gun (Melissa Sullivan) – A law in Kennesaw has required all heads of household to own a weapon and ammunition for the past 31 years, with surprising results.
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5 GIFs Explain Why Letting Saudi Arabian Women Ride Bikes is Not Progressive (Elizabeth Plank, @feministabulous) – The new legislation permitting women to ride bicycles and motorbikes shows just how backward Saudi Arabia really is.
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What Do George Bush's Paintings Mean? (Rajiv Narayan, @Rajiv_Narayan) – President Bush has taken up painting, and the subject of his art may say more than the former leader of the free world is at liberty to tell the public.
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In 2012, Republicans Tried to Buy Celebrities to Build Their Street Credit (Gabriel Rodriguez) – Republican groups were prepared to offer Lady Gaga $1 million to perform at the Republican National Convention in 2012. Can the GOP reduce its pop culture deficit?
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