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Trending In Our News Feeds North Korea threatens “moment of explosion.” North Korea has moved a missile to its coast for a possible strike on the U.S. Pyongyang warns, “The moment of explosion is approaching fast.” But, South Korea reports the missile cannot reach the U.S. The Washington Post shows you the range of North Korea’s missiles in this map, and pokes fun at Kim Jong-un’s war machine with this awesome GIF.
After Newtown, pro-gun laws make surprising surge. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence reports that, while five states have introduced new gun control laws since the Newtown shooting, 10 states have passed a total of 17 pro-gun measures. The report suggests a grim future for the gun control movement, even as the Maryland House approves the country’s first measure to require fingerprinting of gun buyers.
Facebook reveals new smart phone software. Mark Zuckberg unveiled Facebook Home at the company’s California headquarters, yesterday. The new software will feature Facebook updates and photos on the home screen of Android phones. Zuckerberg admitted, “On one level, this is just the next mobile version of Facebook.” However, he claims the software will change our relationship with our phones. Business Insider gives you a photo tour of Home, which will be available next Friday.
Controversial essay-grading software to hit college campuses. Harvard and MIT’s education non-profit, edX, is making free essay-grading software available for public use. The software will allow computers to instantly grade students’ essays and short answer questions. EdX claims rapid feedback improves learning, but MIT researcher Les Perelman is skeptical: He has been able to write nonsense essays that receive high scores from the software.
Alabama to pardon Scottsboro Boys, 82 years later. 82 years after they were wrongfully sent to death row for raping two white women, nine black teens known as the “Scottsboro Boys” will likely receive a pardon. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is expected to pardon the men later today. You can watch PBS’ entire documentary on the case, here.
65% of millennials support legalizing pot. For the first time in 44 years of polling, the Pew Research Center has found that a majority (52%) of Americans support legalizing marijuana use. The report attributes the shift to millennials’ overwhelming support of legalization.

Status Updates Get to know pundit of the week, Frank Hagler! Find out why PolicyMic has made Hagler less of a smart ass, what keeps him coming back for more debate, and why he wants to go on an African safari. Check out the entire interview, here.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic Why Are Men's Paychecks Shrinking? (John Giokaris, @JohnGiokaris) – A new study from a center-left policy research group finds the increase of single-parent households is having a detrimental economic effect on men, as is the gender gap in higher education.
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Here Are Roger Ebert's Favorite Movies From Each Year He Reviewed Films (Roy Klabin, @RoyKlabin) – The world just lost its best-known film critic. To keep his memory alive, watch his favorite movies from 1967 (the year he began reviewing) to 2012.
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Gun Control Legislation is Dead (Daniel Cetina, @DCetina56) – For the first time in years, commonsense gun control seemed feasible. But inaction in Washington is quickly making big change unlikely.
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LucasArts Shuts Down, and a Video Game Legend Sinks Into History (Abdul Siddiqui, @A_R_Siddiqui)Disney has announced that LucasArts will close, putting 150 people out of work and shuttering a studio that created some of the best games ever.
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A Rutgers Student's Response to the Mike Rice Firing (Siv Cheruvu, @sivsports) – The scrutiny is warranted, but don't forget the other side of Mike Rice. His contributions to the Rutgers basketball program were significant.
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